The Mailman Always Delivers… Even In Afghanistan

08.01.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

Basketball legend and mustache aficionado Karl Malone recently embarked on a USO tour of the Middle East to meet with soldiers and lend his support. At a dinner in Afghanistan with members of the Alabama National Guard, The Mailman sat next to Dime reader Tim Pierce, who is also my kid brother.

According to Tim, Malone quickly grew tired of the soldiers calling him “Mr. Malone” and ordered them all to call him Karl. I asked my brother the burning question that all Dime readers inevitably wanted to know: Did he refer to himself in the third person?

Sadly, he did not.

Tim reports that The Mailman was very gracious and personable to all the soldiers. While he did not talk too much about basketball, Malone did talk extensively about hunting. Hunting with guns, and, uh…spears. Yes, spears. This is not a joke. Karl Malone stalks living things with a spear and kills them until they are dead.

Let’s see Michael Jordan try that.

If you had one question for Karl Malone, what would it be?

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