Dallas Won’t Trade Dirk Nowitzki, But It Did Send His Bobblehead Into Space

Two days ago Dallas owner Mark Cuban re-iterated that he would not trade cornerstone player Dirk Nowitzki. Cuban recently said that the “Bank of Cuban” was open and he would “100 percent” make a trade by the Feb. 21 deadline. Shawn Marion is the player most attached to trade rumors but Nowitzki is the team’s most valuable bartering chip. Still, Cuban said no deal will happen for Nowitzki, whose contract runs through the end of the 2013-14 season.

It didn’t stop the Mavericks from having a little fun with Dirk’s doppelganger, his bobblehead doll, by sending it 94,630 feet above Earth, all while being filmed by three cameras. Dallas uploads some of the most creative and varied videos of any team in the NBA — from “Super Mario” themed Marion, or “Gangnam Style” featuring Mavs’ faces on South Korean dancers — and its newest falls in that line. The flight time lasted about 100 minutes and it traveled nearly 35 miles from liftoff to landing. Be sure to watch till the end when the balloon bursts somewhere high above Texas and Nowitzki’s bobblehead is almost ripped off its ankle hinges and descends bent back on itself. Dirk’s never-pretty, always-effective playing style is rubbing off on his bobblehead, too.

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