The Most Ridiculous 14-Year-Old Basketball Player We’ve Seen

With a name like Seventh Woods, you can bet this kid will be subjected to a lot of “…and on the seventh day, God created…” jokes down the line. That’s what happens when you’re 14 years old and coming down smashing on kids like you’re Russell Westbrook. The amazing thing is that most dominant 14-year-olds are great because they’ve physically matured quicker (bigger and stronger) than everyone else. Woods is only 6-1, already plays like someone who’s comfortable on the perimeter, and even has a skillset outside of his supernatural athleticism. It’ll be interesting to see where he is come 2016, but for now, do what we did. Watch this Hoopmixtape video and bash the basketball Gods for not giving you those hops at 14.

Who’s the best 14-year-old basketball player you’ve ever seen?

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