Twitter Breaks Down NBA Lockout

You might have heard, but today the owners and players met once again to go over this lockout business. For a variety of reasons – not all entirely true – things had been looking hopeful in the past week or so. But alas, the news wasn’t good as both sides came out of the meetings without any further progress being made.

We could roll out 500 words on how annoying all of this is, but Twitter has been breaking down the emotional roller coaster for us over the past hour or so anyways. Take it away Twitter:


@MoneyMase: Just finished a long day of negotiations. Unfortunately we are No Where Near a deal! It’s def disappointing!

@KBergCBS: Looking like a season imploding. How u.

@Unsilent: I’m pretty sure Billy Hunter wants me to shoot myself in the face.

@noamschiller: NBA not budging on hard cap proposal, union advising players to prepare to miss at least half the season. Pretty bad.

@AnaheimAmigos: Derek Fisher could perform much better in the negotiations if there were a referee to sway each time he perceived a wrong being done to him.

@Chris_Broussard: Players said they made significant concession of $ but owners wouldn’t move off hard cap.

@Jared_Wade: I can’t imagine what Boris Diaw is going to look like by Christmas.

@noamschiller: Vince Carter was going to do this anyway. RT @KBergCBS Hunter bombshell: “We’ve advised (players) they may have to sit out half the season.”

@russbengtson: Can we pick a day that there is ZERO #NBA discussion at all on Twitter? Just one day?

@briancmahoney: No further talks are scheduled. Billy Hunter says union was prepared to make a “significant” move but owners weren’t willing to move at all.

@ChrisMannixSI: One prominent agent tells SI after hearing today’s news, he will start more aggressively seeking overseas jobs for his clients.

@treykerby: Not you, Derek Fisher. RT @BlackBoiPachino: Great work today

@sam_amick: As you’ve likely read elsewhere, the NY labor meeting was essentially a doomsday outcome. Fans lose out as season is in serious jeopardy.

@russbengtson: After today’s meeting, Kobe went back in and negotiated by himself in an empty conference room for two hours.

@HOOPmag: Best solution is to lock NBA and NBPA together in a room with Pitbull performing. No one leaves until a deal is done.

@Chris_Broussard: DStern just spoke. Bottom line: players want current soft cap system; owners want hard cap that they say will assure competitive balance

What do you think is going to happen?

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