The Pacers And Sixers Are Holding On By Their Fingertips; Brandon Roy Mans Up

04.22.11 7 years ago 85 Comments
Well, it was a great season fellas. But Indiana and Philly, you might as well start to wrap it up now. It’s summertime. Both the Pacers and Sixers put in huge efforts to try to get back into their respective series. But both squads melted down the stretch to many of the same issues: no star player to calm them down in the halfcourt and find shots, and an opposing defense that was just suffocating. Say what you want about them, but Miami and Chicago are getting it done. And tears? Brandon Roy ain’t about that life … He complained earlier this week about his minutes and opportunities, but Brandon Roy (16 points) was the difference in Portland’s five-point Game 3 win over Dallas. With the W, it’s a brand new series at 2-1. Roy, after saying he nearly came to tears in Game 2, was ready and animated. The crowd gave him a huge ovation when he checked in, and the former superstar proceeded to drop buckets. He hit four huge second-quarter shots that helped to quell a Dallas run. Then, he was the ignitor of a game-deciding run that stretched from the third to the fourth quarter. Portland ended the third quarter on a 9-3 run. Then, they continued the momentum with a 12-2 run to start the fourth to push it to 13, their largest lead of the game. Roy’s only 20-point game since Christmas also came against the Mavs in March. He must like this matchup … Still, give credit to Dallas. Portland hit them with an avalanche of energy early and the “soft” Mavs never folded. They actually controlled much of the game throughout, thanks to Dirk Nowitzki (25 points, nine rebounds) and Jason Terry (29 points, seven assists). Actually, besides those two, no one else in blue even hit double figures … Wesley Matthews (25 points) came out ripping the cords. He netted four threes before the first quarter was even halfway over. We aren’t sure if any of them ever hit the rim. With the way Portland came out, we thought the game was destined for a blowout … Late in the game, Jason Kidd hit a shot that at first looked like a two, even on replay. But a third opinion showed that the refs got it wrong and that it was actually a three. With the game still in the balance, it was a pretty big play and helped set the stage for an actual series now. OMG, the NBA is rigged. It’s rigged!Keep reading to hear how the Bulls and Heat grabbed 3-0 leads …

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