The Rockets Aren’t Giving Up On Dwight Howard; Too Many Offers For Courtney Lee To Remember

07.09.12 7 years ago

The Rockets want Dwight Howard the way the dudes from Workaholics want off from work. Also like those three, Houston is willing to do some crazy things for its dream to happen. Today they agreed to send Marcus Camby to New York in a sign-and-trade for three years and $13.2 million. Camby is 38, which adds to this year’s free agency class as possibly the greatest coup for the over 35 crowd in free agency’s history. This isn’t about Camby, though. This is about Dwight and what Houston is taking on as possible trade assets. Has anybody checked how many people that team has on the roster now? Daryl Morey is on the watch list for a Hoarders episode. The Rockets get Josh Harrellson, Toney Douglas and Jerome Jordan from New York, plus second-round picks in 2014 and 2015. Now, some of those guys will have to get the ax to make room for the proposed salaries of Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin. … Danny Green is going back to the Spurs the same day DeJuan Blair opened up and said he believed he was out. Green got a three-year, $12 million deal to patrol the three spot for Popovich. Meanwhile at center, Blair vented about how frustrated he got when Boris Diaw cut into his playing time in the playoffs. Blair’s story was bizarre, we will absolutely grant him that. You start 62 of 66 games and average 21.3 minutes per game and then play 76 minutes in three rounds of the playoffs? Because Boris Diaw was so good? It doesn’t seem like a good thing to show up your boss, but it does seem like there was a total absence of communication about the situation. Maybe this gets Pop and Blair back on the same page. … In memoriam of Ray Allen’s departure from Boston, check out his top five clutch shots of his five seasons in green and white. Agree with our picks? … We caught some summer league action from Orlando today and in particular Reggie Jackson‘s fast break dunk in early going against Boston was very nice. He wasn’t going full speed but still got off a cocked-back slam. Specifically, we stayed to watch Perry Jones play against Boston. He was grabbing boards easily and was doing some good stuff on the pick-and-pop. Also spotted courtside — Hasheem Thabeet in a hat and some chinos sitting under the hoop. He was probably watching Cole Aldrich getting abused (not to mention his back-to-back moving screens) and thinking, “Glad that’s not me.” … Shot of the day from summer league was Boston’s E’Twaun Moore beating the shot clock buzzer from about seven feet behind the three with a bank. …

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