The Sonics Are Still Making Noise

During Game 3 of the Thunder/Nuggets series in the Mile High earlier this week, something interesting caught my eye. It was something that I’ve seen in various NBA arenas over the past few years and it was sitting directly behind press row near center court.

It was Seattle Sonics fans.

They were decked out in gear and holding signs, aimed directly at Thunder Nation to see. As it happens, it appears to be the work of Jason Reid and his documentary, Sonicsgate. On their website, a headline proudly proclaims, “SONICSGATE GOES TO DENVER,” with the subhead stating, “We will not be silenced.” Any video from the game has yet to surface on their end, but it seems likely something will be up soon.

The documentary, which if you haven’t seen already is absolutely worth a view, was created to chronicle the history of the Sonics organization and management, and show the events that led up to its relocation to Oklahoma City. The award-winning film, which dropped a little over a year ago, highlights views and opinions of everyone from Gary Payton to George Karl. Reid is able to really make the audience become intertwined in the history of the city and team, while provoking a lot of questions and theories surrounding the details of how the relocation deal was ultimately pulled off.

Since the documentary has gone live, Reid and company have continued to keep their collective foot on the gas pedal moving forward, educating and appealing to the nation’s basketball fan base. So, head over to sonicsgate.org to peep a horde of related videos, interviews and the actual film in its entirety. Because even though OKC is playing their best basketball and is quickly becoming the NBA’s darling fan favorite, the hoop fiends in the Emerald City shouldn’t be forgotten.

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