Carmelo Has a Mini Meltdown; The Spurs Torture the Lakers; Deron Williams & Kyrie Irving Put On A Show

11.14.12 7 years ago
Pau Gasol, we hope you surround yourself with protection tonight. You might turn up along the rocks in the Pacific Ocean tomorrow morning, courtesy of a crazed Kobe Bryant. Down two on the last possession last night against the Spurs, Gasol couldn’t find anyone to pass to. Instead, he launched a moon shot from the corner. Even as he was shooting it, Bryant (28 points, eight assists) already had his palms out in the ultimate “WTF ARE YOU DOING?!” stance. It didn’t go in, the Spurs walked out of there with the win, and it ruined a late-game rush from Gasol where he scored four straight clutch points … For the Spurs, they’re still the West’s best, behind 19 and seven dimes from Tony Parker, and 18 points and nine boards from Tim Duncan. And it was Danny Green (11 points) who hit the game-winner, coming off a down screen with 9.3 seconds left and dropping a late Halloween treat in Bryant’s mug … The Knicks might still be undefeated, and they might’ve casually worn Orlando down in the fourth quarter of a 99-89 win in Disney World, but they weren’t very impressive – Carmelo Anthony in particular. Why has New York been so much better this year? It’s because ‘Melo (25 points, eight rebounds) has actually bought in, stopped holding the ball and giving more than 12 percent effort on the defensive end. But last night, he didn’t run back on defense on multiple occassions, instead hanging out clamoring for foul calls. He refused to hustle. He even got into an argument with Mike Woodson because he wasn’t helping when his man set ball screens, choosing to stay tight on Big Baby and Josh McRoberts… aka he didn’t feel like moving. It all finally came to a head during a sequence where Maurice Harkless (who was AWESOME by the way) blocked Anthony’s shot twice at the rim, and then bothered him on two more all on the same possession. Clearly frustrated, ‘Melo threw his hands up in the air and didn’t even bother to get back on D. Just for good measure, on the next possession – the first of the fourth – Harkless blocked him again … Watching Toronto survive a late flurry of shots from the Pacers to win, 74-72, wasn’t very fun. In fact, it was depressing. We might’ve even shortchanged Danny Granger‘s offensive impact in Indiana because while we knew it was big, the Pacers look just awful right now. We’d rather watch a Keanu Reeves movie. They could be getting worse too. The Raptors, less than 24 hours after losing a marathon game in Toronto, won despite scoring just five fourth quarter points. Down only two in the closing seconds, David West missed an easy five-foot turnaround before Paul George got the offensive rebound and fired up a deep three. It was long. After another Pacers offensive rebound and timeout, George Hill (18 points) was short on a pull-up. George got yet another rebound, and missed another jumper off the dribble. That last Indiana sequence played out exactly like their season has: get every rebound, but never able to make/create a shot … On the other side, Jose Calderon messed around and got a triple-double (13 points, 10 boards and 10 dimes) … Portland blew out Sacramento, 103-86, behind another big night from Damian Lillard (22 points, nine assists) … The NBA released the balloting (also on Facebook) for this year’s All-Star Game. They’re also allowing fans to vote on Twitter by writing the player’s first and last name and hashtag #NBABALLOT. We’d hate to be the guy who has to sift through all of the “Labron James” and “Paul Gasol” entries from fans … And remember Royce White and the issues with his anxiety? Well, the future of his career just got very interesting with one public statement and one Twitter rantKeep reading to hear about the second-year player who just might be the best ballhandler in the NBA …

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