Top 5 First Games Back In The NBA

12.24.12 6 years ago

This NBA season has already seen a number of marquee players return to their teams well after the first game of the season. A few more joined this weekend in the Lakers’ Steve Nash and Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki, with the Celtics’ Avery Bradley close to his first practice. Now that the Mayans were wrong and the world hasn’t ended, fans in Los Angeles, Dallas and Boston must face that they’re still stuck with deeply flawed teams. While all three of those players have been given minor savior status for their projected effect in their returns, they’re just the latest to be so deigned: Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love, to name a couple, have breathed life back into Minnesota already after their comebacks already this season.

Taking a longer view, however, who’s had the best comeback game in the last 25 years? That’s what we wanted to find out. Here’s our top 10 “return games” in the last 25 years.

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This was the beginning of the end for C-Webb, not only in Sacramento, but in his career. The day after his 31st birthday, and after missing nearly a year for microfracture surgery and a torn meniscus in a knee, he came back to put up 26 points and 12 boards against the Clippers on March 2, 2004. It’s hard to argue that getting 12-of-18 from the field in 30 minutes wasn’t a successful return, but Webber would say, a couple years later, that the first game back wasn’t an accurate barometer for the rest of his career.

“I tried to come back at 8 months, I had a pretty good game, but the pain I had never left,” he said. “It hurts you to do certain things, and you develop bad habits and your mind feels that pain all the time. If I were just now coming back, I would come back with the mentality that I never left, [because] when you have that pain you have to find new ways to play. It’s going to make him change his game, become a better outside player. You can’t pound as much.”

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