The Top 5 Make-Or-Break Summers For The NBA’s Class of 2011

07.13.12 7 years ago

The 2011 NBA Draft class is the invisible class that got skipped over for official, professional development. Like a test-tube specimen raised in unusual circumstances, these players are unusual cases in how to raise a rookie. A lockout seems to skip a generation, and these 60 players inherited that trait; after they got their hats from the commissioner and then had to find ways to ball not under the auspices of management as soon as they reached the other side of the draft’s podium that June night in 2011. So who has the biggest chance to make up ground this summer?

The biggest loser in the Steve Nash trade to the Lakers was Goudelock. He’d seen his once-promising slot in the lineup disappear in favor of Ramon Sessions at the trade deadline after proclaiming he should be next up after Kobe in the Lakers’ lineup. Seeing a rookie get a shot early only to have the door slammed on minutes late is not uncommon, but it seems Goudelock needs the self-affirmation more than most rooks. Playing with L.A.’s team this summer should help him get back the swagger he needs like a car needs oil.

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