The Top 5 Skip Bayless Blow Ups

Skip Bayless is the Ghostface Killah of haters. He has longevity. He has classics. He has a huge platform and a brand behind him. He hates on anything that walks or talks. And we laugh at him because he is straight-up comedy and no one takes what he says too seriously.

Last week, we debated on haters and who had it worse: Kobe back in the day or LeBron now. Amazingly, both sides mentioned the ultimate hater, Mr. Bayless. Then this morning, Skip and Stephen A. Smith nearly topped themselves with a long-winded assault on LeBron James’ spot as the best player in the game. It got so bad I think I heard the word egregious at least 15 times. Dudes started talking about famine and death and destruction and everything was preposterous, unconstitutional, unbelievable, un-whatever-word-you-want-to-use. It was all asi-12.

It’s so ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron himself – who is frequently assaulted by Skip – watched these shows, laughing. That’s how comical it is. Last night, I was tired. I was worn down. I stumbled upon a few of these videos on YouTube, including the one where Skip and Chris Bosh go head-to-head for a rather awkward debate. They immediately picked me up. Too funny.

With that, here are the top 5 biggest Skip Bayless blow-ups (co-starring Stephen A. Smith):


5. Skip Goes Wild Over Tim Tebow, Says Denver Doesn’t Deserve Him
Tim Tebow might succeed, he might not. But if we’re going by what Skip is saying, Tebow is bigger than the Broncos. He’s bigger than the game. He’s bigger than anything.

4. Skip & Chris Broussard Go Nuts Over The LeBron & MJ Comparisons
Skip got a little too personal with this one, calling out Broussard’s journalistic integrity and then going off on James over the smallest things like picking #23 and then getting rid of it, and the powder toss.

3. Stephen A. Calls Out The AUDACITY Of Skip
Sometimes you can tell Skip is faking it. He’ll bring out his patented smirk, he’ll start going way overboard with comparisons, and he’ll even laugh from time to time. In this video, he actually looks angry and frustrated like he just can’t get anyone to believe him. That makes the argument even more hilarious.

2. Tell Me You Aren’t Laughing At This
The first 75 seconds of this heated exchange between Skip and Stephen A. might be the best 75 seconds on this whole list. I could watch this all day and laugh. Skip in his hater cap… and Stephen A. Smith’s reactions are one-of-a-kind. Also, start at the 2:00 mark to hear a stunned Stephen A., and see the reaction he draws from Bayless. Need I say more?

1. Skip Brings His A-Game, Calls LeBron “LeAlfred James.”
Classic Skip. You know he was in the back rehearsing this speech for about two hours before he went on air, trying to come up with the best way possible to completely dismiss LeBron. It’s so funny that even Broussard and Rob Parker laugh. It’s the ultimate Skip Bayless moment because he took a great opportunity to actually criticize someone’s game, and went way overboard with it.

Which one makes you laugh the hardest?

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