The Bucks Made Sure Thon Maker’s Draft-Night Slide Didn’t Have The Chance To Happen

The Milwaukee Bucks already seem impossibly young, long, and athletic. And after making Thon Maker the 10th pick of the 2016 NBA Draft, Jason Kidd’s team is somehow even younger, longer, and more athletic than it was before.

Hours before the draft, reports surfaced that the South Sudan native was several years older than his listed age of 19. Maker’s camp staunchly denied those rumors, of course, and the Bucks obviously put little stock in them whatsoever.

What kind of player will Milwaukee be getting? Maker isn’t the generational prospect of mixtape yore, but is still uniquely suited to make a sizable two-way impact in the modern NBA – as long as he continues to improve, of course. Seven-footers with his combination of fluidity and shooting prowess, after all, are few and far between.

Maker likely won’t provide much of a boost to the Bucks during his rookie season; he’s exceedingly raw at this stage of development. But just imagine if he makes good on all those natural gifts and takes the floor in a lineup with Giannis Antetkounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Jabari Parker.

Needless to say, fun times await in Milwaukee.