What’s More Ridiculously Expensive: A Ticket To Kobe Bryant’s Last Game Or The Warriors’ Chance At 73?

04.11.16 3 years ago

Wanna see Kobe Bryant‘s final game at Staples Center on Wednesday? Or watch the Warriors try to beat the ’96 Bulls’ 72-win mark against the Grizzlies later this week? Well, it’s gonna to cost you. And cost you big. In fact, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those two games will be the most expensive of the regular season. Via Darren Rovell of ESPN.com:

Fans have paid a StubHub average of $971 for a ticket at the Staples Center to see No. 24 take the final shots of his 20-year NBA career for the Lakers, against the Jazz, while StubHub data shows the average price paid for the Grizzlies-Warriors game on Wednesday night is now $436.

“It is virtually unprecedented to see the two highest-priced regular-season games of the year take place in the last game of the season at games with no playoff stakes involved,” StubHub spokesman Glenn Lehrman said.

Rovell went on to report that, after the Warriors’ win over the Spurs on Sunday night, ticket prices for their final game at home against Memphis went up 134 percent. There’s good news, though. Nosebleed seats for Kobe’s final game can be had for a mere $700, which sounds like a lot until you realize some insane fan paid more than $27,000 apiece for court-side seats to that event.


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