New #HoopIdea: Let’s Turn Tim Duncan Into A 3-Point Specialist

Obviously this is ridiculous, but last night in San Antonio’s blowout over the Thunder, 130-91, Tim Duncan hit what is only his second 3-pointer this season. It was the 30th of his 17-plus seasons, too, but perhaps Timmy should get some time as a never-before-seen stretch five?

OK, Donatas has done some damage from downtown for the Rockets, but he’s no Timmy.


Obviously, Duncan was just open in the corner here with the shot clock about to expire, but he’s got a history of accuracy from deep.

He hit the same short corner three to beat the half-time buzzer against the Nuggets in the 2012-13 season:

And no one in Phoenix will forget his game-tying three-pointer in overtime during Game 1 of the 2008 Western Conference Semifinals. The Suns had a three-point lead inside of five seconds in the first overtime, poised to take their first game in San Antonio since Steve Nash and the fellas started their SSOL run. Timmy wasn’t having it, and the Spurs won in double OT, 117-115.

Then there’s this final video evidence Tim Duncan is a much better 3-point shooter than he lets on. During a preseason scrimmage before the 2009-10 season tipped off, Duncan replaced Roger Mason during an impromptu three-point shootout for the Spurs fans. The high until Duncan stepped forward was just four points (they only used three racks of balls at the top of the key), and Timmy hit for six:

This is all a joke. Duncan is a career 18.1 percent shooter from beyond the arc (30/166), and getting Gregg Popovich to move Timmy anywhere outside the paint or the high block is akin to pulling his fingernails off; although, Pop might be a spy, so that probably wouldn’t have any effect.

Timmy is doing just fine without adding the 3-pointer to his game, but we bet he could if asked.