Who Dunked It Better Last Night: Tim Duncan or DeAndre Jordan?

02.20.15 3 years ago

DeAndre Jordan, Tim Duncan

The big fellas were fresh last night after a full week off. Actually, Tim Duncan had to put up with the All-Star Game and Steve Kerr’s nefarious plan to wear him out for what should have been a vacation to the beach. But Duncan looked rested on his way to a game-high 30 points last night including a fun two-handed facial on DeAndre Jordan. Yet DJ’s posterization of Marco Bellinelli deserves credit, too, so we have to ask: who dunked it better?

First we’ve got Duncan dunkin’ on DJ. This came about at the end of the first half, when some fun Spurs ball movement led to this:



But Duncan’s jam on DJ was the result of superior Spurs passing, so we’re not sure he gets as much DAP.


DJ’s dunk wasn’t perfect, either.  It reminded us of Dwight Howard’s Superman jam that won the 2008 Dunk Contest.  On each dunk, DJ and Dwight both throw it down at the cup — hence, *dunked* it — but failed to grab iron.



We’ll let you decide, but we’re giving Timmy the advantage because he grabbed the iron, and Jordan’s team actually go the win. Since Tim probably had to hear it from Popovich after the game, the least we could do is give him the advantage in this dunk-off.

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