39-Year-Old Tim Duncan Had To Be Cherry-Picking To Get This Fast-Break Dunk, Right?

04.17.16 3 years ago

With all of their injuries, the Memphis Grizzlies don’t stand much of a chance against the Spurs as it is. But plays like this one midway through the second quarter of Game 1 certainly aren’t going to help their cause. After San Antonio grabbed a defensive rebound, the second-oldest guy on the court (Vince Carter has him by a few months) somehow beat everyone down the court for the easy dunk.

At 39 years young, Tim Duncan had to be cherry-picking, right? I mean, we get it. We won’t hold it against him. You gotta do whatever you can to get an edge when going up against the best athletes in the world. But on closer inspection, it looks like he may not have been leaking out early after all.

Yes, he’s hovering around the three-point line, but that’s no excuse for Memphis, who clearly just fell asleep on this possession. Props to Duncan for the crafty play.

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