Tim Duncan Has So Much Free Time During Retirement That He’s Getting A Gigantic Back Tattoo

Tim Duncan being retired is still kind of weird. It’s been an adjustment for basketball fans watching Spurs games without The Big Fundamental, but apparently, Duncan is using his copious amounts of free time to get inked up like a madman.

For someone who is known for being quiet and reserved, this is quite the bold statement by Duncan. He’s had a few small tattoos for a while, but this takes up the entire right side of his back. It shows a bunch of machine gears that become prominent underneath the surface of Duncan’s body. The centerpiece is a yin-yang symbol made up of gears, and at the top is a fully-exposed machine.

If anyone got this tattoo, it would be something else, since it takes up half of his back and it’s super elaborate. But there’s something funny about Duncan decided that one thing he wanted to do now that he’s retired is get a massive tattoo. He’s never been known as a flashy dude, but this ink is something else. Hopefully he shows it off during his retirement ceremony in eight days.

Maybe sometime in the future, Duncan will get the rest of his back all ink’d up. This, of course, is contingent on whether he has the money to do so because he’s still being fined by Gregg Popovich for not reporting to the Spurs.