Tim Duncan Paid Over 10 Grand To Save The Life Of A Stranger’s Dog

tim duncan
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The NBA Finals wrapped up less than a week ago and since then, we’ve had the draft, multiple trades, and more of a frenzy surrounding free agency. But life goes on for the rest of the NBA, and for San Antonio’s future Hall-of-Fame anchor in the middle, that of course means helping out man’s best friend.

It’s been revealed that Tim Duncan paid $12,000 to save the life of a strangers dog. Here’s the story from reddit.

I met Tim Duncan in Denver shortly after having been told that my dog had liver cancer and the surgery was going to cost $12,000. I was crying and visibly upset and after explaining to him what was happening, he offered to pay for the entire operation. As a single mother working 3 jobs to make ends meet, I had no chance of keeping my best friend alive. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

There are so many questions I want this fan to answer: How is your dog now? Do Tim and your dog have play dates together? Does Tim have guardian angel wings? Tell us more!

I’m not surprised that Duncan is a dog lover considering how long he’s played in San Antonio. Everyone on that team is so mellow, I’m sure they celebrated their last championship eating veggies and hummus, telling each other how much they are appreciated while watching cute pet videos on YouTube. Coach Popovich was coy, I’m sure, but was secretly totally into the funny pet compilation.

Maybe this is why Tim never retires: He needs to fund the care of other sick puppies. I think it’s fair to call this Duncancare, keeping costs down for for the puppies of America.