Watch Tim Duncan Step Behind Arc And Casually Swish Corner 3-Pointer

02.20.15 3 years ago

The skilled big man in today’s game inevitably develops a three-point shot at some point in his career, or at least makes a concerted attempt to do so – such is the historic premium on space and expected efficiency of jumpers. But Tim Duncan entered the league 15 years too soon to be coaxed into expanding his range.

Maybe there’s still time? This picture-perfect corner trey during the San Antonio Spurs’ loss to the Los Angeles Clippers sure looks effortless. How Duncan instinctively steps behind the arc just before receiving the pass reminds us of a similar play he and his teammates no doubt remember, too:


Maybe Timmy’s motion isn’t quite as quick and the stakes aren’t quite as high as they were when Ray Allen hit one of the biggest shots in league history. Either way, the 38 year-old’s stroke and footwork is certainly impressive.

[Videos via @_MarcusD_ and NBA]

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