Timofey Mozgov Missed His Chance To Jam On Rudy Gobert Due To This Bricked Dunk

The Los Angeles Lakers gave Timofey Mozgov a whole lot of money this offseason – the former Cavs big man got a four year, $64 million deal from the organization which raised a lot of eyebrows. Whether or not he’s earned that payday is certainly up for debate, but this dunk was not something you’d like to see out of a guy who is making that much cash.

Mozgov looked like he was going to put Rudy Gobert on a poster during the Lakers’ game against Utah on Tuesday night. The Stifle Tower didn’t seem like he was in a position to block Mozgov’s shot, so all that the massive Russian had to do was throw down. He’s done this countless times in his life, so this seemed like it would be nothing too difficult.

Instead, the ball looked like it slipped out of his hands a little and he bricked the dunk. Mozgov’s arm seemed like it went a little too fast and the ball wasn’t able to stay in his palm, so instead of an unforgettable dunk on one of the league’s premier shot blockers, we’re discussing a pretty nasty miss.

The good news for Mozgov is that even though this happened, he still has way more money in his bank account than most of us. And, you know, he’s dunked on Gobert in the past, so at least he can take solace in that.