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02.14.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

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The Jeremy Lin Crazy Train keeps rolling right along, dominating web sites, newspapers, SportsCenter, and even MSNBC (crediting Lin’s arrival with the jump in MSG’s stock). The Knicks playing the Toronto Raptors tonight and Lin matching up with a defensively-devoid Jose Calderon, Jeremy is likely to put up big numbers again.

We’re not going to pretend like we’re not part of the machine driving the hsyteria, but we’re also happy to put the crazy on display. This morning, we have the cover of today’s New York Post and a semi-frightening YouTube love letter from Lin’s biggest fan, and a Forbes article on the worth of the “Jeremy Lin Brand” (hint: It’s a lot):

First up, this girl who makes it very clear that Lin wouldn’t have to sleep on the couch at her place.

Forbes says that Jeremy Lin is the world’s fastest-growing athlete brand and estimates that it’s now worth $14 million.

And the back cover of today’s Post:

Jeremy Lin Amar'e Stoudemire ny post

The Knicks have run about 1,000 pick-and-rolls with Lin in the lineup (a stark contrast to when Melo is playing). With Amar’e Stoudemire back tonight, we’re probably going to see Lin and STAT running a ton of them tonight. Between Amar’e’s ability to knock down mid-range jumpers on the pick-and-pop and the Raptors’ generally-rotten defense, the Knicks could look great tonight … pushing LinSanity to Code Orange.

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