Tom Izzo Attended An Episode Of ‘Judge Mathis’ And Looked Like He Had The Time Of His Life

Tom Izzo has been around forever. He’s been the head basketball coach at Michigan State since 1995, is in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and has the uncanny ability to just churn out consistently-great basketball teams. It has been one hell of a career in East Lansing for Izzo, who will hopefully never retire, because he’s tremendous.

This doesn’t just apply to Izzo’s ability as a basketball coach, but he’s considered one of the good guys in college basketball and is among the funniest college basketball coaches out there. For proof of this, let us turn to judge Greg Mathis, who loves the dude.

Mathis’ daughter was a student assistant under Izzo, so he’s a big fan of what the longtime Spartan coach has going on in East Lansing. During a taping of his show, Judge Mathis, Izzo was in attendance and got a prime seat right behind someone who was involved in the case. The context wasn’t given, but the words “Ohio” and “Buckeye” came up, and oh my god look at the smile on Tom Izzo’s face.

Is it a little odd that a college basketball coach got front row seats to a show where he watches small claims disputes and was smiling like the fate of the world depended on it? Sure! But no matter what, Izzo can take pride in knowing that his appearance on Judge Mathis was nowhere near as weird as the time Jim Harbaugh went onto Judge Judy and just kind took it all in.