Tom Izzo Had To Be Restrained By His Players While He Screamed At Freshman Forward Aaron Henry


Tensions run high during the NCAA Tournament, especially when a team with national title aspirations is at risk of getting bounced in the first or second round. That exact thing was happening in the second half of Michigan State’s first round game against Bradley, and in response, Spartan coach Tom Izzo lost his mind on one of his players.

Michigan State’s players walked toward the bench after a Bradley time out and Izzo felt the need to confront freshman forward Aaron Henry. Despite the fact that the Spartans were on a 10-0 run to go up 44-39 early in the second half, Izzo saw something(s) he didn’t like out of Henry that apparently warranted this reaction.

Izzo didn’t just scream at Henry and put a finger in his face as he walked to the huddle, he felt the need to get out of his chair and chew him out a few inches away from his face during the time out. Both times, Izzo had to be physically restrained by a few of his players, most notably standout junior guard Cassius Winston.

It’s unclear exactly what Henry did to get his coach’s ire. Izzo is known for being one of the more fiery coaches in college basketball, but even then, there’s a difference between being fiery and going a bit overboard to get a point across to a player.