An Internet Joker Made This Hypnotizing Video About Tom Thibodeau Wanting Free Frozen Yogurt

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11.13.16 2 Comments

I don’t understand this either, don’t worry. The Minnesota Timberwolves have a promotion involving opposing teams and missed free throws. For one silly person on the web, this was an opportunity to make a silly video involving Tom Thibodeau.

The promotion is called “Freeze Out the Free Throws.” It happens during the fourth quarter of every Wolves home game, and if a player on the opposing team misses two consecutive free throws, everyone in attendance gets free frozen yogurt the following day. This is way more fun than a promotion where you get free stuff if your team scores more than 100 points, because it means you’re eligible to win something every game.

Anyway, DeAndre Jordan was on the free throw line a lot during the fourth quarter Minnesota’s game against Los Angeles on Saturday. Jordan, of course, is historically bad at free throws, so there was a chance that everyone at the game was getting froyo.

Jordan ended up going 10-for-16 and didn’t miss two consecutive free throws during any of his trips to the stripe, so any hope of him winning the fans frozen yogurt went out the window. According to this video, no one was more upset over this than Thibs, who looked super anxious over the fact that he wasn’t getting a delicious frozen treat on Sunday. Odds are he was mad that his team allowed 119 points in a loss which knocked the Wolves to 2-6 on the year, but it’s much more fun to imagine that Tom Thibodeau coaches every home game with the hopes of getting free frozen yogurt.

(Via r/NBA)

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