Tony Wroten Denies Receiving Apology From Michael Jordan

We told you Michael Jordan — the man that made Nike the global powerhouse they are today, as well as spawning the profitable Jordan Brand — apologized to Sixers guard Tony Wroten after the sole of Wroten’s Nike fell off during a game against Indy last week. But it seems the original report got it wrong, and Wroten was joking when he said the GOAT had issued an apology. Looking back, we should all question any and all Michael Jordan apologies a lot more stridently.

Wroten said as much in a tweet from earlier today.


ESPN, who also picked up the original story, confirmed Wroten had been misquoted when they spoke with Jordan and Wroten’s agents:

Wroten’s agent, Greg Lawrence, told ESPN.com on Friday that his client was misquoted.

“Tony told me that the media asked him if he thought Jordan would apologize and he answered, ‘He can call my agent,'” Lawrence told ESPN.com.

Jordan spokesperson Estee Portnoy also denied that Jordan called Wroten’s agent.

Lawrence also said Wroten is not a Jordan endorser but does get compensated by Nike.

So Michael Jordan did not apologize for Wroten’s Nike losing a sole during the game, which makes a lot more sense. MJ’s Bobcats are about to make the playoffs, and we figure he’s got a lot more important things to do (i.e., couple still originally it I. golf, smoke a cigar, play with his new kid, plot the downfall of rival GMs et cetera).

Did you think MJ’s apology was fishy when you first heard it?

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