Prepare To Rage When You See Which Jam Tops This Mix Of The Greatest 100 Dunks In NBA History

Dunks offer an important intimidation factor when they happen during your typical NBA game. Plus, they’re just super fun and funky. But when dunks get ranked, there are always going to be those who think the order is wrong, or certain dunks got missed. There’s always someone who thinks this dunk was better than that one.

But trust us when we tell you that the No. 1 dunk on the above mix will have you silently fuming for the rest of the day. And it’s a terrific mix, too! One hundred dunks is a lot, around 20 minutes-worth with all the replays and highlights surrounding the dunk’s detonation and the resulting fall once the wreckage — in this case, whichever poor defender happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time — is cleared.

Instead of wallowing in grief after seeing which dunk sequence made the No. 1 spot, we’re gonna offer five alternatives, all of whom are in the top 15, so it’s not like the rankings are that insane.

Obviously, Blake’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins is in the running (it’s also when Perk became a running joke on schadenfreude-laden NBA Twitter).

But what about when his teammate dug a grave for Brandon Knight on this alley-oop smash? (To be fair, Knight has rebounded from that sequence nicely and was rewarded by the Suns this offseason.)

How about D-Wade in Varejao’s face?

Scottie’s evisceration of Patrick Ewing is the one we thought should be No. 1.

He even gives Spike some grief afterwards.

Sorry, Kirk Snyder, but your dunk on Von Wafer leaves a lot to be desired. It’s certainly not the greatest dunk in NBA history.