Toronto Raptors Players Team Up At Pop-A-Shot To Set High Score

A coterie of some of the best Raptors players, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, Quincy Acy, Aaron Gray and Rudy Gay — plus D-Leaguer Chris Wright, who played for the Warriors in the 2011-12 season — gathered around a Pop-A-Shot machine earlier tonight. Their activity wasn’t too far removed from the way a lot of us react to an impossible-to-defeat high score.

Recorded by Gray and posted to his Instagram, where we were alerted to its presence by reddit’s wonderful basketball community, these Raptors are trying every Pop-A-Shot cheat we can think of to set the high score. That includes teaming up on the same basket.

DeRozan looks to be shooting with his left hand, perhaps after hearing of Tristan Thompson‘s summer about-face, and Rudy’s new Lasik-improved eyes don’t seem to be helping as he has a hard time connecting even with his drawn-out arms practically dropping the ball through the hoop.

The high score appears to be 319, and the trio of Gay, DeRozan and Johnson only have 42 points with 39 seconds remaining when the IG video cuts off. We don’t think they’re going to get anywhere near the high score, but a high of 319 sounds sounds fishy anyway.

Last season the Raptors were ranked slightly below middle-of-the-road in effective field goal percentage and true shooting percentage (18 and 16 out of 30 teams). But this is a pretty cool example of team bonding. We’re hoping new GM Masai Ujiri can help our neighbors to the north field a team that can compete in the East. Their current roster is already pretty tight it appears.

Is there any way these guys come close to the high score?

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