A Towson Player Made A Horrible Mistake And Dunked On His Own Basket

Via @LaSalleMBB

Getting through the next few days is a bit of a slog. Christmas is right around the corner, which means presents and celebration for those who observe it and a chance to relax and reflect on the last year for those who do not. Having to do things between now and then is a bit of an inconvenience — LeBron and the Lakers play the Warriors for the first time this year on Christmas! We all just want to get to the 25th.

However, for some, there are things to take care of between now and then. That means shopping for those last few presents for most, but for those who play college basketball, it means there’s one last weekend of games to be played. This brings us to Saturday’s game between La Salle and Towson, which featured one heck of a mistake that led to two points for the Explorers.

Towson had the ball out of bounds in its own backcourt, and the ball was passed in to freshman forward Solomon Uyaelunmo, who promptly went up strong and threw down with two hands. The issue was Uyaelunmo was standing under his own basket, so his dunk counted for the opposing team.

To add insult to injury, the Tigers fell to La Salle, 57-51, dropping them to 4-8 on the season.