All Gorgui Dieng Could Do Was Watch As Trey Lyles Put Him On A Poster

11.28.16 1 year ago

Gorgui Dieng knew it was over. Trey Lyles was scoring and there was nothing he could do about it.

Dieng got an excellent view of this dunk as the Utah Jazz power forward got free in the key and took flight. The Minnesota Timberwolves‘ forward didn’t stand a chance at stopping the 6’10 Lyles with a head of steam, so all Dieng didn’t even bother to jump.

It’s a Pyrrhic victory either way. Give maximum effort and you’re put on a poster forever. Give up, shield yourself from the collateral damage of the dunk and you’ve probably labeled a quitter and maybe a poor sport. Say what you want about Dieng’s effort here but I think he had the right idea. The only thing you get from trying here is your anguished face on a picture that some sports card company buys to print on some flimsy cardboard. Save yourself the trouble and let the big man have his dunk.

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