Tristan Thompson Viciously Dunked All Over Tyler Zeller

Associate Editor

All Tyler Zeller was trying to do was play defense. He was guarding Tristan Thompson, who just set a pick to free up LeBron James and rolled to the basket. Zeller backed up a bit to keep James from driving, but LeBron passed the ball to Thompson. Sensing that Thompson was going to try to go to the rim, Zeller went up and played rather admirable defense – he went straight up and made it a point to be between his man and the basket.

This ended up not mattering, because Thompson decided he was going to dunk and did not care who got in his way. So he went up strong with one hand and threw down, all while making sure he put Zeller on a poster. Kudos to Zeller for trying hard, but my goodness, Tristan Thompson is strong.

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