Tristan Thompson Vaults Over Mike Dunleavy For Insane Alley-Oop Finish

What a fitting end to a brilliant first quarter from Tristan Thompson.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hyper-active, rebound-gobbing big man had 10 points and four rebounds (three offensive) in the opening stanza of Game 5 versus the Chicago Bulls. Exhibiting the blend of heart, activity, and athleticism that’s made him an impact player all series long, Thompson somehow caught and finished a lob while vaulting over the top of Mike Dunleavy as the game clock neared its final seconds.

We still don’t understand how he made the layup, frankly, let alone how he escaped without injury. But we’re sure glad Thompson did both.

The Cavs lead the Bulls 38-35 early in the second quarter.

[Matthew Schwerha, Alex Dunlap]