Two Clippers Bros Got Kicked Out Of Game 1 For Bringing Their Own Vodka

Someone must stop the tyrannical reign of Clippers’ Owner Steve Ballmer. He simply cannot be allowed to continue his reign of terror over the fan etiquette at Staples Center. I mean look at this face; this is the face of a dictator.

During Game 1 of the vaunted Clippers-Spurs series, two upstanding young gentlemen wanted to enjoy the game with their own adult beverage. Apparently bringing your own open handle of vodka into an NBA arena is frowned upon. This is an outrage. It should be the right of every American to bring their own alcohol to a live sporting event.

Earlier this season the Clippers complained about their lack of a home-court advantage against the Golden State Warriors. How do they expect fans to get rowdy if they can’t get drunk at a convenient price?

On the other hand, these Clipper bros chose to drink vodka out of a plastic handle, so maybe this is the fate they deserved.

(Trey Kerby) (The Woody Show)