Tyler Herro Eats Chicken Alfredo Before Some Games Because He’s Still A Teenager

Despite all the chatter about the struggles of the 2019 NBA Draft class this season, Tyler Herro has done pretty well for himself as a member of the Miami Heat. The former University of Kentucky sharpshooter is a reliable member of the Heat’s rotation, averaging 13.9 points per game and connecting on 37.8 percent of his attempts from three. There have been some growing pains, but seeing as how he’s 28 games into life in the NBA, he looks like someone who’s going to have a lengthy career.

If he is going to stick around, though, it would probably behoove Herro to change his diet up a touch. Of course, as someone who used to be a teenager, all teenagers believe they are able to eat whatever they want and never experience the consequences. As we learned in an interview with Clay Skipper of GQ, Herro, who is 19, subscribes to this theory.

Herro was asked about his pregame meal, which includes what I can only describe as a startling amount of carbs. In fact, as he tells it, the team’s nutritionist would like it if he changed things up a little.

Now, I don’t know if you can tell based on my last name being “DiFilippo,” but I am extremely Italian, and the thought of someone consuming steak and chicken alfredo before doing anything that is not taking a very long nap or sitting on the couch for a few hours is completely baffling. That’s extra true for going out and doing a physical activity, especially as one as strenuous as playing in an NBA game.

This is assuredly something that will change as Herro gets a little older and his body needs more efficient sources of fuel, but for now, he is a teenager who makes several million dollars a year. As such, he should continue to wolf down steak and truckloads of carbs for as long as he can.