A Former Heat Teammate Wants Dwyane Wade To End His Career In Miami

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A story that has kind of flown under the radar this offseason is the future of Dwyane Wade. Barring something crazy happening, it sure sounds like the Chicago Bulls will buy him out and that Wade is going to hit free agency sometime in the coming months, whether it be before the start of the 2017-18 season or sometime during the year.

While Wade has certainly lost a step, he’d still be a massive addition to any team that has aspirations of making the postseason or winning a ring. One of his former teammates in Miami, Udonis Haslem, sees this as an opportunity for the pair to be reunited on the Heat.

Haslem spoke about this goal with Tom D’Angelo of The Palm Beach Post.

Haslem, who has spent his entire NBA career in Miami and appeared in 16 games last season, also said that the pair had discussed ending their careers as teammates, although he made it a point to say that it “doesn’t put any strain on our relationship” if that’s no longer the case.

“I would love to have him back, everybody knows that,” Haslem said. “Not only is he a great competitor, great teammate I learned a lot from but also a friend of mine, I consider him a brother.

“I just want Dwyane to be happy. This is the last lap for us both. We deserve to finish it the right way. Whatever makes him happy finishing his career. … hopefully it’s in Miami. I would love for it to be Miami. I want him to finish it right and have no regrets.

While Cleveland seems to be the frontrunner to acquire the veteran guard, Miami would be an interesting landing spot for Wade, as it would let him team up with Goran Dragic and form a pretty solid backcourt. The team already has an established 2-guard in Dion Waiters, so Erik Spoelstra would have to figure that out, but a return to the Heat would make some sense.

(Via The Palm Beach Post)

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