Udonis Haslem Threatens To “Back Hand” The “Punks Hiding Behind Social Media”

We really hope Udonis Haslem doesn’t get fined. The 11-year Heat veteran and three-time NBA champion took umbrage with a recent comment on an Instagram photo and decided to respond. Unfortunately the rhetoric will might get him in trouble with the league office and it’ll only spur on the mongoloids who think it’s OK to trash athletes and others while sitting comfortably ensconced behind the screen of their phone or computer.

We don’t encourage violence at Dime. We’re all about shooting jumpers, not guns. But the way some people act online, particularly through social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, ticks us off.

While professional athletes might seem larger than life because of their time on TV and multi-million dollar contracts, they’re still people, which means they’re just as vulnerable to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Despite their very real corporeal selves, most athletes are smart enough to know that when they respond they’re only encouraging the masses to continue to disparage them in a semi-public forum. Kenneth Faried spoke about this with us this summer, and Allen Iverson noted it last year when we caught with him at a Reebok event.

It’s extremely difficult to read all the crap people spew about you on the Internet — and, 20 years ago, in the paper — and not want to offer up a response. Welp, Haslem has done just that. The below IG post by the @miamiheat inspired some typically dreadful comments.

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#HEATLifer @ud40

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But, as one redditor shows, Haslem finally had enough and responded:

Haslem, who is listed at 6-8 and 235 pounds, doesn’t suffer any fools on the court, and it appears that’s the case on IG, too. If we were the offending party in question, we’d try and avoid Haslem at all costs. Haslem shouldn’t have responded with such inflammatory language, but we get it. Sometimes enough is just enough.

Fair or foul move by Udonis Haslem?

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