Everyone Had Jokes After Under Armour Unveiled Steph Curry’s New Shoe

As athletes go, you’ve got to give it to Steph Curry. He doesn’t have the body of LeBron or the fashion eye of Russell Westbrook, but by pure shooting ability he’s managed to become one of the most popular athletes on the planet. And he has a shoe deal to boot.

Curry is signed with Under Armour thanks to some terribly, short-sighted pitching by the big boys (Nike) at the start of his career. You’d think UA would do everything possible to ensure they make Curry’s shoes the coolest on the block, but then they made these:

Oh man. Those are, um, something.. They are worthy of a roasting only @fart’s Jon Hendren could appreciate. And the internet obliged with some amazing takedowns.







OK, ok we get it folks. You don’t like them.