UNDRCRWN “Shuttlesworth Piece”

It’s been a while since I watched He Got Game, and yet it still remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Now, thanks to UNDRCRWN, Jesus Shuttlesworth is on his way back again. They are calling it the resurrection of the “Shuttlesworth (Black Jesus) Piece” (think Easter), and it’s UNDRCRWN’s first foray into jewelry.

Made with real wood, only 50 of these necklaces will be made, and they’re exclusively available online.

At $75, the wood is untreated and can be dyed to any color. There are clean laser etchings and custom dye accents along the wood pendant and chain. On the opposite side is a branded logo and the tagline “The Brand for Champions” in script.

You can also check out a previously dyed blood red version, on sale for the same price.

What do you think?

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