How Many Michael Jordan Cards Can We Pull Out Of A Bunch Of Retro Basketball Packs?

04.05.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

If you collected sports cards in the 1990s, you’ve probably admitted long ago that your collection is worth next to nothing. The cards were cheap and plentiful, and their value is impossible to determine unless you actually sell the things. But what if you waited until 2017 to start collecting Michael Jordans and Tim Hardaways? And what if you started with fresh, unopened packs that have just been waiting decades to see the light of day? What would those cards be worth?

Well, I bought a bunch of unopened basketball cards from the early 90s to find out. For just over 20 bucks I got a 400-count cardboard storage box from Amazon complete with a “factory seal” on it, which is hilarious for almost two dozen different packs of cards produced years apart.

In total, there were 23 packs in there, good for a total of 310 cards. There’s got to be something interesting in there, right? In any event, this is what was in the box.

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