Update On The Michael Jordan, Tony Wroten “ShoeGate” Apology

After Tony Wroten claimed Michael Jordan called to apologize after his Nike lost its sole during a game against Indiana a little over a week ago, he admitted he was joking about the apology on Friday. But after the same reporter who misquoted Wroten spoke to him about his turnabout, Wroten admits when you listen to the audio it probably doesn’t seem like he’s joking.

Here’s the reporter in question, Jason Wolf of the Delaware News Journal, explaining the mixup:

If he was joking, that didn’t seem apparent. Audio of the original exchange is available in the video attached to this article.

“It wasn’t really a big deal,” Wroten said after the Sixers’ loss to the Knicks on Friday night. “But I just wanted to go on Twitter and let people know that Jordan didn’t apologize. … When you listen to the audio, it probably wouldn’t seem like I was joking at all, but that’s why I just had to come out and let people know I was.”

And here’s a summary of what happeneed with audio of Wroten’s quote, so you can decide whether he was misquoted:

Heaven help us if this story takes another turn because it’s already gotten a lot more publicity than it probabbly needed. That being said, any time someone mentions an MJ apology, you gotta pay attention because they don’t often happen — certainly not after a Nike loses its sole in a game.

We’re hoping this little back-and-forth doesn’t become the primary story people call to mind when asked about Tony Wroten’s career, though.

(Delaware News Journal)

Does Wroten sound like he’s joking about the MJ apology?

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