The Jazz Made Albums To Support Rudy Gobert’s Quest To Repeat As Defensive Player Of The Year

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are headed to the postseason again this year, and as always, the team hangs its hat on what it is able to do on the defensive end of the floor. While Utah boasts a wonderfully creative offense that excels at ball and player movement, the Jazz boast the NBA’s most fearsome defense.

Their team has completely bought into making life hell for opponents on that end of the floor with a defensive system built around the fact that Rudy Gobert is as impactful of a defender as the league has. The Stifle Tower is the league’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year, and if Utah has its way, he’ll defend that title this season.

The Jazz are trying to stir up excitement for Gobert with a campaign that leans on the team’s nickname and the big man’s status — as the team puts it — as “a modern star with throwback sensibilities.” Utah released an “album” for Gobert’s candidacy, complete with custom album art and a gold-pressed record on the inside. And of course, there are plenty of details that argue why Gobert should win the award again.

It’s a clever idea, one that will get sent out to award voters. Additionally, the Jazz confirmed that they’ll have some stuff related to the campaign during Friday’s home game against the Sacramento Kings. Gobert is very possibly the frontrunner for the award regardless of whether he gets help from the franchise.

Still, any little bit could help, and besides, who doesn’t love a good vinyl record?