NBA Teams Put On A Show With Valentine’s Day Twitter Messages

@Sixers on Twitter

NBA All-Star Weekend doesn’t technically begin until Friday. In fact, six NBA teams are actually participating in fully sanctioned NBA games on Thursday evening, meaning that a lot of players (and team employees) have to put in a normal day’s work on Valentine’s Day. While that may be relatively unfortunate, the league’s 30 teams combined to put together some memorable content for the holiday of love, including a bunch of amusing Twitter cards shared with the world.

For starters, the Pelicans used their infamous King Cake Baby mascot to spread some joy and love on Thursday.

The Sixers referenced the NBA’s best Twitter follow with a themed card for all those process-minded.

Sweets are often a focus of Valentine’s Day and the Bulls reminded us of that with a horrible donut pun.

The Hawks are always tremendous on social media and they did what they always do.

The reigning champs came through as well.

Still, there were two teams that stood out above the rest, with the Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings throwing heat. The Blazers came through with a bunch of winners, including references to Damian Lillard, Al-Farouq Aminu making a spectacular face and Jusuf Nurkic in coordination with “Beauty and the Beast.”

Not to be outdone, the Kings had a bevy of strong messages, like a fantastic reference to the “Brooklyn way,” some 2016 love for the Cavs and a not-so-veiled shot at their nearby rival Warriors for their upcoming move to San Francisco.

It’s definitely worth it to peruse all of the NBA teams on Twitter and monitor their Valentine’s Day content, particularly as games arrive on Thursday evening. The entire league will descend on Charlotte in the coming hours but the rest of the world still has to navigate this holiday and now they can do it with a bit of basketball-driven amusement.