Video: Andrew Wiggins Vs. Aaron Gordon Vs. Zach LaVine Dream Dunk Contest

Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Gordon, and Zach LaVine are three of the most explosive athletes in the league. We can say that with utmost confidence even though they’ve yet to partake in a regular season or let alone exhibition NBA game – leapers like this are obviously few and far, far between. Wiggins, Gordon, and LaVine have dazzled with memorable dunks in high school, college, and Summer League, stoking the possible fire of a sorely needed All-Star Weekend dunk contest revival.

Who would win this surely epic battle? The folks at Ballislife compiled an awesome video of Wiggins, Gordon, and LaVine’s high-flying antics to help you decide.

No player in basketball gets off the floor faster than Wiggins. Gordon might be the highest riser in this rookie class. LaVine’s mid-air dexterity is unparalleled. The video offers tremendous highlights and a wealth of insight, but still not enough to predict a winner of this dream dunk contest field. We need, and want, more evidence.

This is a tough, tough call. Let’s hope we get a chance to see the real thing come mid-February. And even if we don’t, Wiggins, Gordon, and LaVine have already made abundantly clear that they’ll be providing crazy in-game highlights for years and years to come.

Who would win this theoretical dunk contest?

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