Video: Anthony Davis Dunks Over A Skip Bayless Cardboard Cutout

Dime was on hand for the NBA rookie photo shoot yesterday, where all the top rookies, including Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal, Dion Waiters, Damian Lillard and Austin Rivers were gathered to have their pictures taken in their brand new NBA jerseys. Between photo sessions, players shot hoops with kids and did interviews. Anthony Davis, as you can imagine, was absolutely mobbed the entire time. Except for one lighthearted moment, when one media outlet orchestrated one of the funnier moments of the day.

A Skip Bayless cardboard cutout was brought out and placed just in front of one basket.(Some people said that Davis chose the Skip cutout over Stephen A. Smith‘s, but we’re not into rumormongering.) Davis then launched into the air, dunked over cardboard Skip, and tried to kick the knocked down Skip Bayless because, Skip Bayless.

h/t Mello Cabrera

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