Jamal Crawford: Blake Griffin Took Huge Alley-Oop “To A Whole ‘Nother Level”

Blake Griffin got only the third triple-double of his career Wednesday night against Milwaukee — 23 points, 11 boards, and 11 dimes. He could have left the win over the Bucks halfway through the fourth quarter, the victory in hand, and no one would have thought his performance was anything less than the game-changer. And then he threw down the mother of all fast-break alley-oops.

First off, here’s the full highlights of that triple-double.

Just as a reminder, here’s Blake’s face-melting windmill off a between-the-legs alley oop from Jamal Crawford.

OK, got it? Now here Crawford and Griffin talk about the dunk itself, courtesy of the LA Times. The key takeaways: Griffin had no idea Crawford would toss the ball directly up, instead thinking it would come off the glass. Crawford said the dunk was one of the tricks he’d always kept in case he made an All-Star team … or in this case, just played in Lob City.

Where does this rank on Griffin’s all-time finishes?

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