Video: Chris Bosh Explains The Secrets Behind His Cooking

As someone who has a severe love/hate relationship with cooking, and knowing how many players hire personal chefs, it’s always intriguing to see which players enjoy cooking. Chris Bosh is one of them, and in the latest video in their popular “Off the Court” player series, American Express and the NBA teamed up in the kitchen with the Miami Heat star.

Bosh says cooking is a way to get away from the game, and as a competitive athlete it gives him the edge he’s looking for. No one is going to be great at cooking right away. You have to work at it. The All-Star certainly has, citing roast chicken as his go-to meal because “you can really play with it and customize it to the flavors that you want.”

The “Off the Court” series has also included a look into Rajon Rondo‘s fashion sense and Paul Pierce‘s love of bowling. It’ll continue later this year with Joakim Noah discussing travel. For now, check out the video below for the latest.

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