Video: Chris Paul, Mo Williams In A Floater Death Match

05.21.12 6 years ago

Chris Paul

Chris Paul, Mo Williams and the Los Angeles Clippers (don’t call them “Lob City” around Paul) are the second postseason victim at the surgically precise hands of the San Antonio Spurs. And while Paul also took a reporter to task for a question laden with moral victory undertones, he and Williams did emerge with a consolation prize. They tossed up the two best shots all night. So good we had to ask, which was better?

Paul’s was a running floater that took a few bounces on the top of the backboard before falling in like a H-O-R-S-E shot gone terribly right.

Option two is Williams’ underhand toss-up that found net from the second quarter after splitting through Manu Ginobili and Gary Neal.

Which was the toughest shot of the weekend?

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