Video: Doris Burke Smartly Cut Short Gregg Popovich’s Sideline Interview

The wrath of Gregg Popovich is pretty well known during sideline interviews. He doesn’t like to be interrupted while he’s working, and that’s how he views the league-mandated chat-fests between the first and second and third and fourth quarters. ABC’s Doris Burke smartly decided to cut today’s interview shorter than usual.

After the Heat jumped out to a 34-28 first-quarter lead, Burke inherited the unpleasant task of interviewing Pop. Doris asked her first question, “Your observations after the first 12 minutes?” and Popovich gave his usual pithy response:

“Uhh, pretty poor defense.”

Not wanting to poke the bear any more as it was clear how frustrated Pop was and how annoyed he felt having to stand there and talk (he was looking down at the court the whole time), Burke ended the interview right there. Then she acknowledged on-air when she sent it back to Mike Breen, “Mike, I’m not going for the second one.”

Unless you’re Jeff Van Gundy, it’s a struggle to get much love out of the irascible Spurs coach when he’s in the middle of a game. That goes double when the Spurs are struggling to execute Popovich’s game plan.

[Video via Sean Highkin; via FTW]

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