Video: Impossible LeBron James Layup Plus The Foul

03.31.14 5 years ago

There were some dunks, a steal and a crazy alley-oop where LeBron James seemed to hang forever before tipping it in with his off-hand. But it was a twisting layup after James got bonked on the head in the final two minutes of Miami’s 93-83 win over the visiting Raptors, which we simply had to show you if only for the skill and body control required to pull it off. Watch as James flips it high off the backboard after the contact.


And here’s the alley-oop we mentioned where Mario Chalmers throws it a little behind James and he has to adjust mid-air to softly corral it in with his left hand:

James was 11-for-20 for a game-high 32 points (he struggled shooting the ball, though), eight assists and seven rebounds in the matchup with the No. 3 team in the East.

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