Video: Josh McRoberts Behind-The-Back Cross-Court Pass For The Triple

The tussled tresses of Josh McRoberts didn’t used to be something that drew your eyes to the 6-10 forward. He had a buzz cut coming out of coach K’s system at Duke in 2007, and his minutes — since coming over to Charlotte from Orlando last season — have grown almost as much as his hair. So far this season, he’s started every game for the ‘Cats despite so-so production. Despite his mediocre numbers, McRoberts has game, and he showed off a nifty behind-the-back pass tonight during Charlotte’s 102-91 win over the visiting Cavs.

It’s not often you see a guy back someone down on the low block, then spot a shooter on the opposite wing and toss a pass behind their back across the court for the open look. It’s a good thing Chris Douglas-Roberts drained the three, too, or else the heady play by McRoberts would have been tarnished into obscurity.

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