Video: Kawhi Leonard Rips Chris Paul’s Crossover In Crunch-Time

Plays like this are why Kawhi Leonard is so valuable to the San Antonio Spurs despite impaired vision. And even better, he certainly didn’t shoot like he couldn’t see tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. The reigning Finals MVP scored 26 points (10-18 FGs) in the champs’ 89-85 come-from-behind victory at Staples Center, and made the game’s key defensive play by ripping Chris Paul’s dribble from a near standstill when the home team trailed by three with with under a minute remaining.

You’ve heard a lot about Leonard’s cat-quick, strongman powerful, catcher’s mitt hands. Here they are at work when the Spurs needed them most:



There’s a reason why Paul was so cavalier about his crossover – he’s not normally checked by defender’s of Leonard’s quality, let alone size. Rare is the guy that would dare reach on CP3’s dribble in such a situation, and rarer still is the guy that would actually come up with a steal.

But Kawhi just isn’t most players. After the game, Gregg Popovich said Leonard – who added 10 rebounds, five assists, and three steals to his 26 points – was the Spurs’ “future.”

True. But compromised vision or not, we think it’s safe to say call the 23 year-old San Antonio’s “present,” too.

(GIF via @BenGolliver)

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